Our commitment

TFG Transfracht actively contributes towards environmental protection by relocating traffic from road to rail.

Our contribution to the environment

Less energy and less gas to harm our climate ? transporting goods by rail protects our environment. A freight train uses around 80 percent less carbon dioxide than a lorry for transporting goods from Hamburg to Munich. This means that trains are not only the safest, they are also one of the most environmentally friendly means of transport.

Advantages of TFG container transport

  • Cuts down on energy and pollutants
  • Rail transport safer than road transport
  • Road traffic alleviated, fast and punctual

Every year TFG Transfracht transfers around 600,000 lorry transports from road to rail, thus reducing the CO2 emission of lorry transport by 360,000 tons. This is equivalent to the annual emission of 1,000 three-person households.