Preventive safety measures for dangerous goods at TFG

TFG Transfracht ensures that container transports of dangerous goods are carried out safely and smoothly. The company complies with national and international regulations and laws for the transport of all categories of dangerous goods. At the same time internal standards extend far beyond the scope of regulations.

The TFG Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor is the person to contact for any questions relating to safety when transporting dangerous goods. The safety of dangerous goods within the transport chain is also ensured by means of permanent mobile monitoring of all the partner companies in the areas of road, rail and transhipment.

The high safety standards at TFG:

  • Internal dangerous goods/waste databank
  • Employee training programmes on dangerous goods
  • All the drivers working for haulage contractors engaged by TFG for the transport of dangerous goods are in possession of ADR certification.
  • The TFG Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor is available around the clock

Good to know

Orders received are all checked with the help of our dangerous goods databank to make sure that information given is complete and to rule out the possibility of delays in processing transports.

Dangerous goods training

We provide all those involved in transporting with dangerous goods training covering all the modes of transport. The seminars last for one to two days and are conducted in-house at our customers and partners. They are custom-made for individual requirements and aims.

If you are interested, please contact Marvin Kuch, our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, who will gladly give you advice without any commitment on your part.